Saving SQLite db to cloud storage on iOS and Android


Can’t seem to find a good example / answer how to use ionic to backup / restore the local SQLite database to the local cloud folder (on both platform, iOS and Android).

Any pointers appreciated.


Hi @shlomoa!
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May I help you?
Please, could you explain a little bit more about what you are saying?
Can you give an example including one of the platforms?
Let’s see…

Hi and thanks for responding.

Basically, I want to implement a simple backup of the SQLite db to the local cloud folder. The db file should be available for the user in their iCloud to be restored to a different device.

I think I need to use the File plug in, but I am missing where the dB file reside on the device and how to copy it to the local cloud folder. This needs to work for both android and iOS so I imagine the difference will be the locations of the cloud folder and the dB file.


Ahh okay, I got you!
I think for Android you should use the Google Drive Api.
And for iOS there are a Tutorial that shows how to use iCloud with Ionic.
I hope it helps you…

Add iCloud to your Ionic iOS app