Running app on an Haier (Android) tablet is very slow


Excellent :smile:

I really want to test the actual with a Samsung S5 (currently one of the most performant Android smartphone IMO).
If this is as slow as the Haier… => :runner:


BTW, I trust the ionic team to improve the whole hugely.


Hey guys…

just gonna leave this here…


I already read this in the original topic :slight_smile: => awesome
Do you think that those specific improvements will really improve the fluidity of the Android app (specifically)?
Or should we wait for some drastic changes regarding Android/Ionic mechanism in some version ulterior to beta14?



For big performance, you may want to check out crosswalk.

It ditches the default android webview and uses a chromium webview. This is a big improvement for any android device.

There are a few posts here on the forum about using crosswalk


Will try it.
Thanks for the tip .


But according to this post:

it seems that crosswalk is useful for Android < 4.4.

I’m using 4.4 …


Hmm, if you’re having big issue with android 4.4, may be it could be the code?
Are you doing anything with huge lists?

Any other details you could share?


My "ion-list"s have just 10 elements max.

Transitions page and clicks are really slow, comparing this Haier tablet with an ipad4 (great on ipad4).
However, the thing is that on ipad3, transitions are also slow but faster than Android by the way, maybe explaining that this slowness is due to the tablets.

I master Angular for more than 2 years (practicing full TDD etc), so I really don’t think that my code may be the MAIN reason.

However, on iPhone, the app is incredibly fast ! Love it


Always the first thing I ask :smile: you never know peoples experience.

Are the transitions slow even with the nightly builds?


Actually, I suspect this tablet Haier to be really slow, by its structure ! (cheap tablet)
Nothing to do with Ionic probably !
Indeed, even Chrome is slow…

Not tested on nightly build (using beta13 for now).

I really want to test the app on a really fast Smartphone, so that I can eliminate some hypothesis for slowness.
Samsung S5? :slight_smile: => Will ask a friend for it ^^


Samsung === meh in terms of browsers

Samsung messes with android to much to be a good platform IMO.
Personally, I test with a slow device to make sure even the lowest end 4.0 devices can function. I have an old motorola electrify for testing and it is incredibly slow, but thats the point


Ah! (I’ve never owned an android phone…)
Maybe the Nexus of Google, a very good platform?
The idea is that I want to notice a slowness on a very fast android phone, to wonder: “What if I made some mistakes (even with Angular experiences ;)) or what if, indeed, ionic is not so “currently” optimal for Android, even on 4.4”.


A nexus is solid choice.

I use a nexus 5 for some testing as well and its an incredibly fast device. The only time I’ve ever seen it be slow, is when I try to have a bunch of things happen at once or load 300+ items in a list. But thats stuff that will happen on every platform.


Good to know !

I try to have a bunch of things happen at once or load 300+ items in a list.

Even using the collection-repeat?


Nope, using regular ng-repeat. Collection repeat solved a lot of issues there.



So to sum up, I imagine you’ve already run some Ionic apps on Android devices, and according to you, when the app was pretty well coded and presenting acceptable list size, the whole were fluid.

If so, it would boost the moral ^^


Yup :smile:

Especially something like our collection repeat demo. That works nice and smooth on a normal device.


Great to know :slight_smile:

By the way, as an iOS user, when I show my app to some people, the first reflexion is:
"Wow !! it’s fast !!! "

Very great job Ionic.
I was using twitter bootstrap (before knowing ionic), hoping that the responsiveness would be enough…
this is the day and night :smile:


I managed to grab a Samsung S5 and test my app on it.

Far better than the Haier tablet :wink:

Although not as incredible as the run on iOS (currently), the app is fully usable.


But I have noticed that collection-repeat actually dulled down the scroll performance on a 4.4 Android device.