How is performance for iphone 4 and 4s?

I’m developing my app and notice some choppiness but not too much. I’m testing with an iPhone 5s, are the older phones like the 4 and 4s going to laggy? Has anyone done any testing?

I have an iPhone 4S. So far it’s perfectly acceptable. So much so that I am rewriting my app using this framework. It has much better performance than say the Facebook app as an example, and faster than any other hybrid apps out there by a clear mile. Only issues I experience are around the initial loading of the app and hooking into the phones features (StatusBar for example can be rocky) which aren’t due to the framework.

@kettlepopper are there certain places you notice choppiness, or are you trying to do a certain task that feels slow?

To be fair, even native apps have periods of choppiness. At the end of the day all apps are resource constrained on mobile.

We test extensively on the iPhone 5 and 4S where we see great performance. iPhone 4 might be on the slower side but it should still be fast.

Unfortunately, Android in general has slower devices compared to the iPhones, but they are finally catching up with the Nexus 5.

I have noticed great performance on my 5s actually. I was quite amazed :slight_smile: I was just wondering what other people were seeing on older devices. Thanks for the information!

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