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I’m developing an app with Ionic 2 & AngularJs 2.0 and the app is slow on IOS (several Ipad mini and Ipad 2 with IOS 9.x). It takes a many milliseconds to respond each touch. This app is only fast on Android 5.x. This app has only 4 pages: login, shopping cart (with a list of products), list of historical orders and a page for send an email. I have used components of Ionic 2 with a minimum of custom CSS.

Cordova CLI: 6.2.0
Ionic Framework Version: 2.0.0-beta.6
Ionic CLI Version: 2.0.0-beta.25
Ionic App Lib Version: 2.0.0-beta.15
OS: Windows 8.1
Node Version: v4.4.4

A few months before, I developed other similar app with Ionic 1.3 and it’s fast on IOS.

Any idea? Any advice for improve the performance on IOS? Should I develop it with Ionic 1.3? I thought that Ionic 2.0 is faster than Ionic 1.3…




I have the same issue, using ios 9.3.2 on a iPhone 6.

I’ve got 3 tabs:

  • a list with 500 products
  • some satistics page
  • logout page

Moreover, using: ionic serve to test the app in a browser, I don’t have this latency issue

Maybe the beta version is just slower for now.

Yes, the app is faster on web browser.

I have the same issue on Android 4.x (it’s slower than IOS) and I don´t care. But it’s important for me that the app works fine on IOS.

My app only works fine on devices with Android 5 o higher. It’s tested in a Moto E2 (low-end smartphone with Android 5.1) and the app is fast, so I think that it’s not a problem with a large quantity of products or with my code.

I confirm it’s very slow on Android 4.x.
I also tested on a Galaxy note 4 with android 6, but it has the same little latency as iphone 6 with ios 9.

I had the same issue on android but solved it with virtual scroll. ajax only when ionviewenter event triggered. Now it’s much faster and tabs switch between three large list is faster. But if i click tabs too often virtual list can show a bug (element become messed up a bit but when i scroll to refresh or open another tab everything seems ok)

Hey, and guess what ? Its still slow on iPhone 5 but fast on browsers and android 4.x. I’m still facing the same issue you guys are talking about

In my case, finally I developed again my app with Ionic 1.3 and it works perfect.

I love Angular 2 and I like the new components of Ionic 2 but Ionic 2 doesn´t assure me that works fine on ALL devices for now.

@josekron I fixed my issues by hacking it. I love ionic2 but disappoint me when I tried making it for a client (performance issues)

Same problem here. App on ios is slow like hell. If I would know that then i would go with ionic1… Verry anoying.

On Android with Crosswalk the performance is much better than on iOS.
I use an Nexus 4 and and iPhone 6 plus. And the 3 years old nexus outperform an iPhone 6.
I wish i could get the wkwebview to work with ionic 2 :frowning:

Im developing an app in ionic 2, and confirm that in android 4.4 is slow. But gets solved with crosswalk.

On android 5.0 is great!

In IOS is the opposite, tried on several iPads and iPhones, and when changing views or triggering events is slow, anyone found a way to solve performance in IOS? Hope gets solved in the release of ionic 2 framework

Has anyone from Ionic shared why it’s currently so slow?

I know it’s still beta, but the performance I’m getting is really discouraging… also not knowing if it’s meant to be like this or not.

Might have to bite the bullet and check React Native out.

Try this plugin and doesn’t forgot to write your response. I am interesting if the plugin helps.

i cant get this plugin working with ionic 2. I read in the roadmap that ionic is building a own wkwebview plugin

I had the exact same reaction, it’s so slow i’m starting to regret not giving React Native a shoot.

lol, react native is not much faster than angular 2, it uses same technologies. May you need to think about your code.

Its not about the technologies, as both use ts, I guess in ionic 2 is something about the wkwebview as stated hackfrac.

xr0master: Is not the code, the app runs great on android 5.0, and in android 4.4 with crosswalk.

React native may not be faster than Angular 2 but may be faster than Ionic 2, the premise of Ionic is using cordova to create a web view in the mobile, then pulling the files of the app like if it was a mini browser requesting the files as a web page.

Meanwhile React Native bases itself on compiling the components into native code, may not be as native as pure Java or Objective C, but it should work faster than Ionic 2.

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I think this discussion is going off topic, cause is not about comparing native vs web vs other implementations. The issue is about ionic 2 slow in IOS. Be aware that as said, I ve tested ionic 1, and now ionic 2, in several IOS devices and android, so when I wrote that is slow, is just for version 2 in iOS devices.


Could anyone please create a sample plunker or repository that we can use to reproduce the performance issues and attach it to a new issue so we could narrow down the problem? We have a link to a sample plunker in the template for creating an issue:

Also, please add any information about what you are using to reproduce this: what version of iOS, is it deployed to a device or simulator, are you using Ionic View, etc.

Thanks so much! :slight_smile: