Running Android and installing on device is taking several minutes


When I started testing the project, it takes around 4 minutes running, But every time that I run it is taking longer, now takes 10 minutes to run and install the app in the device. I’m using genymotion emulator.


Depending on the project, it could take some time to bundle all the assets and compile an apk.
How large is your www/ directory?


The size of the www folder is: 582 MB


That is rather large www folder my friend. For apps that are that size, its expected to take a while to build, since you have to bundle all the assets. So that time frames isn’t really unreasonable.


Thank you so much, completely true, I moved a large sqlite file that I had in the folder and now is running a lot faster.


hi my www folder is 25mb and also when i use ionic run android --device it take about 20 minutes to run …!!!