Ionic run android --device take too much time to run on android device


I’m using

ionic run android --device


ionic run android
my www folder is 25mb and it takes too much time about 20 minutes to run on android device… cordova cli is the latest : 6.4.0 anyone know why ?


The android emulator is awfully slow (that does seem a bit too long). Have you updated it recently? Switching to an x86 image will help. Also, don’t quit it once it is up. You can also look at Genymotion as a replacement.

I typically tell my students it is just faster to buy a cheap Android device and test on it.


Iam using cheap android device samsung duos. Just what i want to run on android but quickly like any other project . I don’t know why on this project it’s so slow


Ionic2 takes too much to start on Android. Disable the splashscreen and write an animated preloader in index.html


Iam using ionic 1 and angular 1


Ionic1 usually start in less then 2 seconds. I can only suggest you to put console.log() in multiple part of your index.html and monitor angular bootstrap in someway to see where is the problem.