Run on device and view live in browser

Was I dreaming or is there a way to run an app on a device and see it live in the browser? So whatever I do on the device, happens in the browser, and vice versa.

I remember doing something like this. The app went insanely blurry and crappy looking, but I found it neat and didn’t write down how to do it … I have no idea how to do it again and can’t find any trace of having done it :expressionless: I looked through ionic --help and tried a bunch of stuff, but I’m unable to do it again. It’s quite likely it wasn’t actually in the browser or an Ionic feature at all, maybe it was some Android tool… I just can’t remember.

Does anyone have any idea of what I’m talking about? :sweat:

Aye, that’d be the chrome developer tools. When you inspect the app it’ll show the preview you’re talking about on the left.


Oh my goood, thank you! Basically go to chrome://inspect/ and you can see remote devices…

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