Router Navigate - Forward, different routes, no animation

I wanted to know why this may not be working, or if it something I’m completely missing.

I have different routes in my app. Let’s say I have a /news route and a /news/:id page. When I link from /news to /news/:id I can swipe back and the page has a ‘can-go-back’ class on it. Also when I open it, it has a forward animation.

Now, I also have other routes. Let’s say my /chat route is a page that links to the /news/:id page. Even if my links have a routerDirection of forward, I never get the forward animation, and I cannot swipe back to the /chat page after navigating to the /news/:id page. Also, the news page does not have a ‘can-go-back’ class on it.

Is this not possible if they are not ‘child’ routes of a parent route? Is there any way to allow swipe back to just go back to the previous url in the history or am I missing something here?


bumping here. Any ideas. Looking for hardware back button and swipe gesture in ios to utilize history if route is not a child route to go ‘back’