Ionic React Navigation on iOS

My App was primarily build with Capacitor and React, I’ve been going back and improving its UX by adding a couple of Ionic features.

I’m currently stuck on Navigation, I had to rework a lot of the logic but I finally managed to get it working well on Android animations and all.

I then tried running it on iOS and it doesn’t have any animations whatsoever.

My app is evolved from this one ionic-react-routing-e5xnr7 - StackBlitz

Any idea what I could be missing? My swiping to go back gestures work, it just looks really really janky.

My RouterOutlet doesn’t have any defaults so I assumed it would just work out of the box depending on the platform?

I think the issue was caused by not having wrapped my pages in <IonContent>, however now all my pages act as if you could swipe to go back and I have no idea how to fix that.