Ionic 4 routerDirection does not appear to work

Hello, I have the following code to push a new page:

<ion-button href='/tabs/(home:place/150)' routerDirection='forward'>Details</ion-button>

And on the page it pushes to I have:

<ion-back-button defaultHref="/tabs/(home:home)"></ion-back-button>

It always goes to the defaultHref. If I remove the defaultHref, there is no back button. It’s as if it doesn’t know it navigated forward to be able to go backwards. Any ideas?

If I navigate forward then back, then try the button it works. It doesn’t work on the first page load.
Load on the page with the button, click it -> no back arrow on the loaded page. Use my browser to navigate back, then click the same button, now I have a back arrow on the new page.

If I start on any other page or tab, navigate to the page with the button, then click the button, it works as it should. The issue only occurs when this is the first page loaded.

I tested this without the defaultHref to see if it had a navigation context. The back arrow shows when I use:
But it doesn’t show when I navigate via the HTML routerDirection=‘forward’. I’m wondering if this is just a bug. Is the routerDirection combined with an ion-back-button without a defaultHref working for anyone else?