Rotate to portrait width/overflow issue

When I rotate on an ipad from landscape to portrait causes an issue where my vieport is wider (size of landscape) than my portrait width.

On the screenshot below you can see what I mean. The blue and red rectangle are each 50% wide, but when rotating from landscape to portrait, the landscape width isn’t updated to the newly available portrait width, causing the red button to be cut off (this happens for the complete layout/viewport).

Rotating from portrait to landscape works fine.

Sounds like you ran into the famous iOS orientationchange zooming bug. Take a look at and see if you could implement that fix.

If you try first if you can fix the problem bij doubletapping your app, it should reposition itself and it should be fine untill you change orientations again. If this is not the case, you probably have another problem :wink:

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I am also having the same issue,to be more precise not IOS6 issue. I was able to reproduce in IOS and in Android.

I shall create a plunker and share soon.

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That happened to me on Android after I published it on playstore. This bug didn’t show on every smartphone. Only some of them experienced this bug.
Is there any way in ionic to tell my app to always resize to fill the screen?

Same issue here @developeronex @jorre. I can reproduce in iOS and Android devices too.

Any solution?

Any solution on this, please?

I have the same issue on iOS, the width doesn’t stretch to full width. only has the first width.
How can I solve this auto-responsive issue on rotating to portrait and landscape.