IOS screen doesn't resize when changing landscape to portrait


Hi, i’m struggling with this problem and i hope someone can help me.

When i start the app, it’s normal until i change the orientation from landscape from portrait. The screen doesn’t resize and the height and width still on landscape sizes no matter what.

Here’s some examples from screens shot. The first one was on portrait and i put it on landscape and nothing happens, but on the second it was on landscape and i put it on portrait and that’s when the ‘bug’ happens.

I already tried to fix it with css, changing a lot meta tag, trying to do $ionicScrollDelegate.resize() onchangeorientation envent and other events but nothing works…

I hope i can get some help. Thanks!


Check your config.xml, there is a line to specify orientation. Post the config.xml here if you want. For my app I only want portrait so I’ve set this preference to that value.

    <preference name="Orientation" value="portrait"/>


i took out the meta tag and somehow it works…