Right way to Reuse/Integrate Angular 4 Component (that uses jQuery plugin) into IONIC project

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  • Angular 4 project has a component using jQuery plugin. Its dependencies are all in .angular-cli.json

What are the steps to Reuse/Integrate Angular 4 Component(that uses jQuery plugin) into IONIC 3 project?

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I try to avoid mixing jQuery and Angular, because I think only one framework should be in charge of the DOM. Is that possible in your case?

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Thanks for your reply.

Please take a look at this repository.

How to include such component in IONIC 3 project?

What are you advices and recommendations?

Do you know anyone who recommends to use jQuery together with Angular? I think it’s common knowledge that if you use Angular, you should avoid jQuery. Unless you have an extremely good reason to go against common knowledge, you should refactor your code.

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for your reply.

Nobody recommends that. I agree with you.

However, the extremely good reason to go with that path is employing this jQuery plugin

Do you know any pure Angular component implementing such functionality. If none, please help me in following the best practices to refactor the code