Right approach to embed third party web application into ionic mobile app

I have a ionic app. I want to embed a third party application which is developed by our known vendor. I need to retain my application header and footer which is very important. I did a initial research on below options but it has some limitations

  1. in-app browser - Not able to retain my app header and footer and it occupies entire webview or opens in seperate window
  2. iframe - Able to achieve what I needed, but I am not sure if it is the right approach. Heard that there is possibility that ios does not allow app in app store if app uses iframe
  3. webview - Ionic app already run on a webview, but there is no option provided to have a child webview / nested view to load external url (am i missing something?)

Is there any other right/clean approach, which i can use to embed a third party webpage in my mobile application. Or can i proceed with iframe without any issues?. Please advise.

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Yeah this is not something you should do at all. Imagine being in one app for a bit, then you land on a page and you have a completely different app “taking over”

  1. this sort of stuff will get you banned/rejected from the app stores
  2. This is generally bad UX.

Instead, you should be using a rest API and building the features you need yourself.


Thanks for the quick response @mhartington. From your response, what we understood is that, the front-end logic, interaction should be on our mobile application itself. The interaction to third party web page should happen through 3rd party rest apis. Below is my visualisation of our understanding.

Consider my application as XYZ, it should have all front end logic in XYZ and it should interact with third party app ABC for getting third party data.

I hope my understand is correct, please confirm. Also you have mentioned “this sort of stuff will get you banned/rejected from the app stores”. Will my app get banned even if I go with in-app browser approach or you have mentioned that only specific to iframe approach.

Both options will potentially get you banned. Embedding web sites is not the purpose of the app stores. You should have an App specific UI that is it’s own entity.

Don’t try to shoe-horn a website into your app. Build your app as it’s own thing, but use the REST apis to pull in JSON if you need it.

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@mhartington This application is not just for converting a webpage into mobile app. This is a mobile app with 4 to 5 major functionalities. Embedding part is just one of those 5 functionaliites.

Also the webpage we are going to embed is owned by a known vendor of client.

Now please tell me, is that ok now to use iframe?.

I would not suggest using an iframe.