I Embed a mobile website into ionic app

Hi community,

I tryed to embed a mobile website to my ionic app.
As example I use an iFrame to embed the Bootstrap homepage.

It seems to look good when I open the app but after navigating to a subpage inside the iFrame the contents width expands and the overflow isn’t readable any more.
Also scrolling is disabled inside the iFrame after loading the subpage.

Is there an easy way to embed a full website wich is fully mobile-friedly to an ionic app?

Thank you

Welcome Jessie! I don’t have an answer to your question but what is your goal with the iframe? Is that your entire app?

Embedding an <iframe> is not a recommended approach. Performance is not good and it may just get rejected by the App Stores (this is my guess) as apps need to have native features that add value to the app and aren’t just web functionality.