Ionic - inappbrowser vs iframe


I want to load the external url in my app, but without loosing the header/footer and tabs of app.

By using inappbrowser, i havent found any way to load page in just content area(ion-content) of app and have everything else remain as it is.

So instead i am using iframe withing ion-content to load external url, which gives user feeling that they are within app only. But handling system back button seamlessly withing iframe and app is challenge.

So my question is, 1) Can I use inappbrowser similar to iframe where it loads only in ion-content area and user doesnt feel that they went out of app. if this is not possible, 2) how can I handle system back button with iframe?


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I don’t know about inappbrowser, but here is the way you can use to control how back button is used:

thank you for reply. I will see if this can help with ionic to go back and forth between app and iframe.

I honestly don’t recommend using an iframe as it can cause so many issue with our tap system.
The inappbrowser is really the best way to handle it.

I’m trying to accomplish the exact same thing. Did you ever find a solution? Did you go with the iFrame solution?
I need to give the user the ilusion of staying in the app while showing content from a webpage, so that the app menu is still there…