Rich Text editor in ionic

Hi is it possible to include textAngular (which use Angular 1) into ionic 2?

Or do you know some other way to include a rich text editor ?

what is rich text editor??
if it is ace, ace can use into ionic2. for examle .

or you want to edit ionic2 with rich text editor, then you should use webstorm.

Look at textAngular:

You cannot use texAngular with ionic2. Since textAngular was written with Angular, it cannot be used with ionic2 which uses angular2.

Is any another option to do this.

is there any other options.


I’ve written one myself which can be found here…

Please let me know what you think.

Thank you


Thanks for sharing the tutorial. If one intends to add a button for Save in other to save the content of the editor , can you please describe how to implement this?



If you look at the GitHub repo which accompanies it you can see it is saving the contents against a FormControl item called ‘item’ in the home.ts file…

With that you have the value by calling this.item.value which gives you the full content.

If anything isn’t clear please let me know. Thank you

Thanks a lot for your prompt response. It worked well for me.

Thanks for your prompt response. It worked well for me.


Hi, my ionic cli version is 5.4.6 and i get a lot of errors when running npm install and i believe its as a result of my version. What do i do