Is there Any Rich text Editor to use in my Hybrid App

I have requirement to implement email functionality so is there any controls available to bind Ionic and angular apps.

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Never used it myself, but seems like it could be promising.


thanks for the replying…

TextAngular i tried its not working in iPhone with ionic .Android no issue…

Without including ionic its working fine in iphone also…

You could always try a markdown editor.

Or try this.

thanks for suggestions but no one is working…

Markdown editor clearly mention on their website only support Works Firefox, Chrome, and IE8+

i still could not find any editor who can fit in my IONIC web site i just wants to edit existing Email html in iPhone like

I notice that demo code is working fine on all browsers including safari even in in iphone also but when i add the module inside my Ionic project then its not working on iphone or safari browser only chrome browser its working…

Its very urgent please give some idea to use rich text editor in my Ionic apps…or any directive…

i am doing any thing wrong… Is any one worked on this area with ionic apps…

Thanks in advance…

I got textAngular to work, and it works fairly well. Though you may need to div in js file and modify the template to use ionics icons as opposed to font-awesome.


Any chance you can make a pull and publish changes needed to run on ionic?

Oh it will run with ionic, just include font-awesome as well. I’ve already forked the repo but don’t have time right now to refactor it for ionic.

My friend its working only in Android,chrome not in iphone ,safari browser…

just open this url in safari or in iphone its not editable there…

same way i tried in my app but no luck in iphone. to edit rich text editor.

try ckEditor - I use it for a number of projects - powerful with lots of plugins

haven’t pushed it hard with ionic as yet - there are also angular directives for it - just search then out


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While trouble shooting textAngular Rich text editor with ionic in safari i found exception which is coming inside ionic.bundel.js Although it is working fine in chrome

I figured out my problem. I had the css property ‘-webkit-user-select’ set to none on an element way up the hierarchy of the div in question. Thus it was preventing the cursor from ever being positioned within my contentEditable div.

You disable the user-select and callout for the whole site, and then override the contenteditable fields to allow user-select.

-webkit-user-select: none;
-webkit-touch-callout: none;

*[contenteditable] {
-webkit-user-select: auto !important;

So it works for you now? I did some more testing early this morning on an actual device and saw that it wasn’t working.

yes its working now i just override contentEditable fields to allow user-select

*[contenteditable] {
-webkit-user-select: auto !important;

Awesome :smile:

Glad it works!

For me, it’s only partially working.
If I click the toggle html button, I can type anywhere (when in a desktop browser) but on mobile, I can only type starting at the beginning, I can’t reposition the cursor at all.

In rich text mode, I can’t do anything

yes in my samesung s4 /android 4.4.2 its still working partially means its only writing initial 5 to 10 characters after that nothing is happening but in other android versions and iphone its working fine…

please post if you got any soloution.i think you need to install keyboard plugin…

Any updates on this? I’m looking to add several contenteditable divs and if textAngular is lightweight enough I’m interested in using it.

MCE and textAngular both have similar issues in iOS. Buggy text selection and issues with using keyboard.

Has anyone found something that works on iOS?