Ionic2 text editors

what is the best text editor to use in ionic2. i have checked text-angular and tinymce but it seems like they only work with ionic1

Have you tried ckeditor? how about content tools?

thanks. Tried ng2-ckeditor and was getting an error
Cannot find module ‘@angular/forms’ from ‘C:\path\app\node_modules\ng2-ckeditor\lib’


“TypeScript error: C:/path/app/node_modules/ng2-ckeditor/CKEditor.d.ts(7,36): Error TS2307: Cannot find module ‘@angular/forms’”.

any idea what could be wrong.

try the Microsoft visual code it fully control on angular2/typescript :slight_smile:

pls explain. i don’t understand. i am just still a learner and i use visual code

what do mean by this ?

check this for more info about VS code and angular2/typescript

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Thanks a lot. it has been solved. Was using ng2-ckeditor1.0.4 before but it worked with ng2-ckeditor1.0.3


I’ve written one myself which can be found here…

It’s super quick as is only a few lines of code.

Thank you