Rewarded video ads using AdMobFree

Hi everyone, I have a free app on Google Play and I use AdMob to get money from ads. I would like to implement rewarded videos to unlock new stuff for the user, but here’s the thing: how do I know the user watched the entire video before giving them the reward? I have no problems displaying the ad itself, the problem is that I can’t figure out how to detect that the user watched the entire video and didn’t just close the ad directly.
Here is how I display the ad:

showRewardVideo() {
let rewardVideoConfig: AdMobFreeRewardVideoConfig = {
id: ‘videoAdID’,
isTesting: true,
autoShow: true
this.admob.rewardVideo.prepare().then(() => {
// success

If it can help, I’m running Archlinux (Manjaro) and using Ionic 3.x.x. Thank you for your time.

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Check this

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finally i found an easy understandable solution for this! thank you, i love you


could you please show me how did you solve this

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Still not answered. Has someone able to solve displaying rewarded video ads for Ionic? Thanks!