Catch Admob-free Plugin Rewardvideo Watched Event

Hello, I have been using Admob-free plugin to show ads on my app, now im planning to show reward video to users, i will call a function after user watched the full video, but in ionic native docs for this plugin, it does not describe how to handle the events , there is section for ‘events’ and ‘on’, but there is no sample code provided in docs,

in the original plugin docs is the event, but how can i use it ion ionic
If anyone already solved this, please help

ionViewDidLoad() {

    document.addEventListener('', () => {

      // do something


doesn’t work, any idea?

hi @NurGuz, please check

document.addEventListener(‘’, () => {
// do something

This code works for me, but how to first find out if Reward ads can be shown?