Admob rewarded video

I am trying to use the Admob Ionic Native 3 plugin to implement rewarded video.

The challenge is knowing when the user has accepted the ad and when to give the user rewards.

For the Cordova plugin directly, i would have done something like this(from the docs)

document.addEventListener('onAdPresent', function(data){ 
     if(data.adType == 'rewardvideo') { 
         console.log( data.rewardType ); 
         console.log( data.rewardAmount ); 

With Ionic Native, i am trying this in my IonViewDidLoad method

ionViewDidLoad() {

        .subscribe((data) => {
            console.log('ad present: ' + data.adType + ";" + JSON.stringify(data));
            if (data.adType == 'rewardvideo') {
                //console.log("Rewarded:" + data.rewardType + " - " + data.rewardAmount);
                //Award coins

But its not triggering at all.

I have added the same code to my app.component.ts file just incase, and so it can be added only once.

But its still not triggering. Can anybody help?

same problem here, any idea?


can u make one solution?