RevMob plugin


Hi everyone,

I was thinking about use RevMob instead of AdMob because it can use Paypal.
Their website says they have a Cordova Plugin, do you know if there is some way to use that on Ionic projects?

If that is not possible, do you know if there is any other Ad network which supports Paypal?


Hi @jvolt

I have the same question about RevMob and Ionic…
Have you switched to RevMob? It worked with Ionic? Any difficulties implementing it?

Do they realy pay better than AdMob?



No, i havent.

Just because I was not able to. If you do, please tell us how to?

I tried a lot, but I do not know how to use cordova plugins by myself, all cordova plugins I’ve used was explained by Nic Raboy’s blog (


Hi @holycoder

I will not change at least in the next month or two… I need to see/compare how it AdMob performs…
I also use the Nic Raboy’s blog a lot, but in general there is always a github page explaining how to install/use the plugin…