Does this plugin work with ionic 1.x? it’s written in typescript looks like.
@reedrichards sorry. got no one else to pin:relaxed:.

@lolaswift generally speaking aren’t Cordova plugin not related to the Ionic version? I think so

what is not compatible, I think not 100% sure, is the fact that ionic-native is only compatible with Ionic > v1, therefore if you would use any plugins in v1 you would have to write you own wrapper or access the features of the plugin like window.myplugin.myfunction

feel free to correct me if I’m saying something wrong

I think you’re right. I always use the cordova plugin directly. When I look at the source code and the examples , I have no idea how to make it work with ionic 1.x. :-(.
I tried the admobpro plugin and it worked perfectly. I don’t mind paying for the commercial license but all the ads request will go to the author’s server first make me feel insecure.

It such while I didn’t use Ionic v1 and I never tried admob so I won’t be really helpful
Good luck!

no worries. thanks again for trying to help anyway. Sad to see that the community is going less healthier. Its not so active as before anymore.

you think? I think maybe there is just maybe so many channels and options, keep the faith, at some point Ionic v4 beta gonna drop and it gonna boost again :wink: