Paypal within ionic2


hi guys, just wondering if anyone already implemented paypal api in her/his app, is Paypal cordova plugin working?
can i create with this plugin a marketplace system?


Off the top of my head, you’d be the first! I’d say go for it!


the plugin works pretty well with ionic2 :smile:


Hello my friend good afternoon, I’m trying to use the Paypal plugin, just do not understand how to implement it in Ionic 2 and I can not find any documentation, information or example to use, be so kind to help me or give me some information that I can be useful, I’m using typescript. Beforehand thank you very much


I used this plugin in an app a while ago and also I’ve been using the paypal php skd and, in my opinion, the sdk is way better(if you are able to do the checkout from the server) the sdk option.

It give you more control and the user doesn’t have to have a paypal account


Does anyone here have a typescript example with code samples? I cannot get the paypal plugin to work with typescript.


Hi ondonda,

Can you please share some code how did you implement in ionic2?


can you give an example of your code?


Hi, there is an ionic native wrapper for PayPal module
i didnt touch ionic for a while , and dont know where is my project with the PayPal module , will look for it , if i found it , i will share the code


Thanks @ondonda, i was trying to implement in my project and got a lot of errors. Now i just created a new blank project and it worked. the problem might be on my project so i gotta fix that.


Are there any updates on how to implement PayPal? I’m gonna try having a look at @gu_batista link


I used this plugin a few weeks ago and it worked very well, but it’s been deprecated, so i’m not sure if it’s still works and if it’s worth, i recommend you trying to find an alternative solution.


hi any one suggest me how do i send extra information with payment to paypal