Return a specific device based on service to be scanned on bluetooth scan using startScanwithOptions() method of ionic ble central plugin in ionic

I am referring the above link to scan devices with service-1800 only.I am passing the service uuid-1800 .But the function does not return any error nor any device.And if I am specifying an empty array ,I am getting list of devices.Since i dont want all the devices to occur I am passing the service 1800 to filter only this device.
I am using ble plugin central by ionic framework.
Ble.startscanwithoptions([SERVICE],reportDuplicates:false,) return nothing.

export const SERVICE="1800";
setTimeout(this.setStatus.bind(this,10000,'Scan complete')
 onDeviceDiscovered(device) {
    console.log('Discovered ' + JSON.stringify(device, null, 2)); => {

  scanError(error) {
    this.setStatus('Error ' + error);
    let toast = this.toastCtrl.create({
      message: 'Error scanning for Bluetooth low energy devices',
      position: 'middle',
      duration: 5000

When I am running startscanwithoptions(,reportDuplicates:false)… without any service,I am getting all the devices and also while connect I can see the service 1800 under the pheriperal json data.

Has anyone ever worked on this ? Tried passing a specific service to be scanned via bluetooth device.
Any help/pointers will be great help