How to stopScan using BluetoothLE?


I am working on a project which involves scanning of Bluetooth devices. Can someone tell me which plugin to use BLE or BluetoothLE ?

I tried using BluetoothLE.

Can someone explain me how to stopScan ? I understand that scanScan return Observable and my code looks like

this.bluetoothle.startScan({}).subscribe(data =>this.startScanSucess(data));

startScanSucess(obj) {

        if(obj.status == "scanStarted") {
            console.log("BluetoothLE is scanning for devices");
        if(obj.status == "scanResult") {
            if( {

stopScanning() {
        console.log("Stopped Scanning");

Now I need to call stopScan after an interval of say 5 seconds. This is what I tried but its not working. I am not getting the list of devices. And it gives me an error

ERROR TypeError: Cannot read property ‘then’ of undefined
at push…/src/app/tab1/