Responsive Side Menu

Does anyone know of a way to get the Side Menu to be responsive to the device size? I’m looking to do something similar to what’s shown here:

I noticed in GitHub Milestones that tablet support is still in the future. But, is there a recommended workaround I can use as a stop-gap until that’s released?

Right now, nothing is final with any responsive split layout, the devs are more concerned about making a stable api for beta 2 and release.

As far as an alternative, I know theres been some discussion on the forums about this, but it doesn’t seem like anyone has come up with a good solution. You can make a feature request for it so it gets some attention from the devs :wink:

Thanks for your reply. As you suggested, I’ll create a feature request for this. Considering the ubiquity (is that a real word?) of tablets in the mobile space, IMHO the support for responsive layout should be priority over some of the features that are on the table. But, I understand that you’re goal is to first get a 1.0 product out the door.

Hi @hanthomas,

Is there any updates on this please?

Hi @naveenkarippai1,
Yes, it’s possible. Use the expose-aside-when attribute in the ion-side-menu tag, as explained here: