Ion-menu always open for tablet?

Is there a way to have the ion-menu always open to be used in a tablet layout?

I couldn’t find anything in the v2 menu documents?

I know v1 has expose-aside-when.


Hey there! At the moment, no, there isn’t anything like this in v2. But it’s on our list of things to add as we go through our beta’s

google doc


Loving the progress on Ionic2. Just migrated my android app to ionic2 beta, working like a charm (some bugs here and there but stable enough and can now release iOS version without doing much).

Look forward to next couple of betas.

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Hey, @mhartington, I couldn’t find it in the roadmap doc. Was is removed?

Beta 10

Split Pane example
Probably possible now - need to add an attribute for this
Create an example of how it’d work and look on iPad vs iPhone
Best example is the settings app on iOS, view on both iPad/iPhone

Thanks you very much :slight_smile:

Any update for ion menu open always?

Its on Beta12 Roadmap now.

Any news on split view example @mhartington? Thanks a lot. Keep up the good job!

Any new of this feature @dmastag

Heard that it might come to RC1

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Good to hear! I guess there are a lot of people who also want to release a tablet app and need this feature for that.

That would be great!!! Any sneak peak on RC1 ETA?

Ionic2 RC1 was released today.

Nope, still on RC1 as far as I can see.

Any news about this? Thanks!

They removed it a few days ago from the RC5 milestones. It seems they are not going to release it in the V2 final release. Such a bummer…

Oh no, my team was counting on this. It’s pretty essential to implementing a responsive design that includes form factors for iPad and desktop.

So we will need to implement this ourselves outside of the framework?