[RESOLVED] Ion-item click disable inside a ion-item-sliding



I’m having a little bit of a fight with ion-item inside a ion-item-sliding

my code:

        <ion-item-sliding *ngFor="let d of dipendenti; let i=index">
            <ion-item  text-wrap (click)="toggleGroup(i)" [ngClass]="{active: isGroupShown(i)}" tappable>
                    <ion-col col-2 class="dropdown-container">
                            <ion-icon [name]="isGroupShown(i) ? 'arrow-dropdown' : 'arrow-dropright'"></ion-icon>
                    <ion-col col-9>
                        <ion-title text-wrap>
                            <span text-wrap>
                                {{d.cognome}} {{d.nome}} - {{d.tipologia_out}}
                <ion-row *ngIf="isGroupShown(i)">
                    <ion-col col-6>
                        Stato: {{d.status}}
                    <ion-col col-6>
                        Email: {{d.email}}
                    <ion-col col-6>
                        Tel: {{d.tel}}
                    <ion-col col-6>
            <ion-item-options side="right">
                <button ion-button (click)="editDipendente(d)" color="success">
                    <ion-icon name="create"></ion-icon>
                <button ion-button (click)="deleteDipendente(d)" color="danger">
                    <ion-icon name="trash"></ion-icon>

my problem is: toggleGroup() inside ion-item is not fired at the first time, but after I drag the item to show the item-options, ion-item’s toggleGroup() start to work as expected

thank for the help,


Nothing, it was my code to animate the sliding which was messing with the clicking