Disable drag event on ion-item-sliding


I have a list of item that has ion-item-sliding / options. This list is inside a slider, so each time i’m swiping from slide to slide on off the item-sliding is opening.

I tried doing this:
<ion-item-sliding (ionDrag)="removeDragEvent(slidingItem)" (click)="slideClickHandle(slidingItem)" *ngFor="..." #slidingItem>
removeDragEvent is just a function that call the methods close every time the ionDrag is called but is is called even when i’m doing a click.

Is it possible to remove the drag event on a ion-item-slide to use a click event.

You need to decide what you want to do, Swipe slider or swipe item.
Wring idea to put swipe item iside slider

Thank you for your answer but this doesn’t help.
You’re not offering any solution regarding what I want to do, I already have decided what I want to do and the fact that my idea is wrong or not is my own concern.
I’m just looking for a solution for this particular problem and not looking for UX advice.