Resetting push notification permission

I’m working on push notifications and, the first time you do the init, Android and iOS will popup a system window saying something like “App xyz would like to send you notifications”,“Allow”,“Reject”. Some users don’t understand why we want to send notifications (which are very important to our app) and simply click “Reject” out of fear of getting bugged with spam notifications. I’ve learned that it’s good practice to popup an introduction window that explains what notifications will be used for in your app. Once they got an intro, then you try to init push notifications for the first time and you get a much better chance of users selecting “Allow”.

The problem I’m having is that once I’ve selected “Allow” or “Reject”, that window is gone for ever so I’m not able to test the new user experience. Does anyone know how to make Android forget the choice that was made by a user? I’ve been looking through Settings but have not found any options which allow you to bring this window back. Any ideas? (I’m working with an Android 6 phone)

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Hey @loki9182, i am facing a similar problem.
Did you find a solution?

Sorry, have not found a way to reset this yet. In come cases, uninstalling the app and reinstalling it will cause it ask you again but I’ve not found any consistent way of doing this. Let me know if you find something also.

@loki9182 thank you for answering i’ll let you know if i find something

Any solution to this?