Ionic app permissions are auto closing popover windows that are behind the Permissions window

I am having an issue where app permission windows, regardless of what the user selects, are auto-closing popup windows in the background.

Example: Push notification comes into the phone, user clicks notification which opens the app. If users GPS is not enabled, user gets an App Permission window to allow/deny GPS for the app. But the push notification also triggered a PopOver window that is now sitting behind the App Permission window - and the contents of the Popover are not readable while the Permission window is overlaying it. When the user clicks “permit” or “deny” for the GPS permission, the permission window closes which also triggers the Popover window to close.

This also has happened with other first time app permissions and popup windows that are displaying first time app use info (depending on how the user installed the app). Its only happening on Android.

How can I stop the Popover window from auto closing when the Permission is selected?