Using the ionic push solution


Hello evrybody,

Actually i’m using the Ionic push serveur solution but when I implemented it on my app, the token of the device is not sent to my admin panel and notifications are not sent in my application. (I have already followed the ionic doc)

It’s been three days that I seek the solution but I can not find it. Is that possible for you to fix the problem or to help me?

I would be extremely grateful and I can even pay to fix my problem,
Thank you for your help


hello this is my project link :

The code is on app.js, controller.js and templates/tab-dash.html

On your android device do you receive a permission request to accept notifications?

No, I don’t
receve a permission request to accept notifications


If you don’t receive a permission notification to allow push notifications, you haven’t setup your application correctly. All of the Ionic identity code you’ve provided is commented out.

You need to fix your project first, install the push starter project first and start from there.


I’ve tried to start a new project but I’ve the same issues. My device is correctely registered but it has not device token :confused:
This project is a basic project I have following :
1 -
2 -

my project git :