Ionic View - http native - CORS

I am using the native http plugin to do api calls from some pages in my app, to a server that I have access to.
Why is the Ionic Pro version so strict on CORS and is there a work around for this? It does not look like any of the calls can go out and cannot see logging.

I then thought of using my Ionic 3 app on the Legacy Ionic View?
If I remember correctly you use ionic upload, but it then wants to switch backend settings, is that safe and can I switch back? Also, I can not log in on the Legacy App any more. “THERE WAS AN ERROR, STATUS CODE: 404”

Trying to get this working so we can test Android and iOs apps properly in our company (obviously with the .apk it’s easy)

What Ionic Pro version of what are you talking about?

Sorry, Ionic View Pro

Because it reflects the reality of building an app.

Build the app yourself as debug, then you can look at the console logs.