[Request] Update Peer Dependencies

I’m writing an in-house library that’s wrapping over Ionic Native, and the point to the library is have it be framework agnostic (but totally tied to Cordova, let’s be real).

Long story short, I got hung up on how to use ajax with RxJS without the Angular HTTP provider. Then I learned from RxJS’s Gitter channel that I should be using a build newer than 5.0.0-beta.12. I’m using 5.1.0 and everything is working great for me.

This also brings me to the core angular package, which now has their RxJS dependency set to "rxjs": "^5.0.1".

I would find it extremely helpful if peer dependencies were updated, and I think a majority of the userbase could benefit as well.

There is generally a specific reason behind this: a breaking change in the affected library that causes problems with framework code. It’s often not as simple as simply bumping a peer dependency, and in cases where Ionic specifically is recommending pinning to certain versions, that’s almost always the case.

That makes complete sense, and I realized a while after I posted that was probably the case. I’m going to bump down my library and implement my own AJAX solution.

Thank you!