Removing slides to SlideBox to make a continuous SlideBox


I’m working on creating an infinite slidebox where slides can be inserted/deleted from the beginning and end of the slidebox. I have been reasonable successful in creating standalone functions as follows:

Slidebox end actions has limited issues because the current index doesn’t need to move. Addition/subtract is behind it.

  • Append slide - good
  • Remove end slide - good, special logic - can’t delete the only slide or be on the last slide

Slidebox begin actions because changes before the current index requires the index to move.

  • Prepend slide - good, advances correctly except if on last slide.
  • Remove begin slide, works for all slides but last, logic - can’t delete the only slide or be on the first slide

Now, armed with these methods, I’m trying to use the ion-slide-box on-slide-changed() to add and remove slides as the user swipes through the slidebox.

Unfortunately, my slide index change for compensation (called within the on-slide-changed() function ) is getting beaten by the original on-slide-changed().

Any thoughts?

Hmm can put together a codepen for this?

Did you ever solve this issue? I’m working on the same thing, a continuous SlideBox. I’m not sure it is the right implementation…but the features is exactly what I need.

Slidebox is being revamped to be much more performant


Is there an ETA? Anything I can do to help?

No eta, we got a big part of it done, just need to refine

Are the changes available in the nightly build?

Not yet, they’re in their own branch

Will the new code handle prepending and removing slides from the beginning of the slidebox better?

Any update on ETA? A horizontal swipe is fundamental to my app. I would much prefer to use the new SlideBox code than my workaround.

Any updated status? Thanks.

Any news? Thanks …

@jajohga You might want to check out my comment and actual demo at the end of this thread: