Infinite slidebox sliding

I want to create a calendar app using Slidebox.
I found this great CodePen :

The problem with this code is that you have to make a slide(to) each time the user decides to slide (left or right). E.g If the user slides left, index=0, but I have to create a previousDay slide, it can’t be -1, so I put previousDay in 0 and currentDay in 1 and I make a slide(1), and it’s not very pretty for the user (he sees the slide transition).

Is there any way to:

  1. slide back to 1 after user initial sliding instantly without any transition
  2. don’t change currentIndex when sliding (overloading the slide function) so index stays on 1 and I can do what I want with 0,1 and 2 slides content ?
  3. create custom indexes (negative indexes ?)


It sounds like you don’t really want a slide. If you don’t want the transitions and stuff, just use a static view and update it based on what day you want seen.

If you just want to disable the transition, do this:

$ionicSlideBoxDelegate.slide(1, 0);

The “0” tells it to take effect immediately.

Thanks for answering.

In fact I want the user to be able to swipe to change the current day on the calendar (left: previousday, right: nextday). So I think I have to use slidebox, no? Is there any other way to swipe classic views?

Any way to do this without losing the transitions?