in the documentation
it’s written:
“Additionally, this directive will reset the entering view’s history stack, making the new page the root of the history stack.”

is there anyway to NOT DO THIS?

if you look at this video: (it’s in french but with my explanations, you will understand my point!)

and you go to 20 minutes 11 seconds you watch 4 seconds and you’ll see that the guy goes from “home page” to “about page” using the side menu item, once the about page is displayed, there is a “back button” displayed in the navigation bar.
–> THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I WANT (but I also want that the menu hides when the user clicks on the menu item)

at 20 minutes and 20 seconds he add the “menu-close” attribute and then the behaviour changes, that is what he shows until 20 minutes 51 seconds: when he uses the side menu item, he never has the “back button”. That is very stupid in my opinion.

And I would like to know if there is a way to do what I want.

(it’s the same question than: Navigation and side menu but this time I think my explanations are much easier to understand! with the video…)

they also talk about it here in the doc:$ionicHistory/
(when they talk about the nextViewOptions)