Remove ionic and ionicv1 tags


I suggest we kill the ionic and ionic-v1 tags for forum posts.

And possibly ibtroduce thibgs link ionic-angular (ionic-react)

Failry clear that there arent many ionic1 questions anymore and people tag v1 for >1 questions.

And maybe a faq tag so we can build a faq base

What is the change procedure? A support ticket?


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I disagree.

Right now ionic effectively means ionic-angular: Everything that is not ionic-v1 which implies Ionic 2+.
As soon as ionic-reactor similar is available, we might think about adding this.

There are still enough, and they have to be clearly separated from all other Ionic 2+ questions as both API and process is different. If people miscategorize their topics, please use the “flag” feature - a moderator will handle it.

Feel free to create those posts in the current appropriate category and prefix them with [FAQ].
As soon as there is enough content, we might consider this and move those over.
Previous attempts to write such topics didn’t bear fruits.

There is no real procedure. You might of course create a support ticket, but it may not be acted upon.

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