Remove/add platform result blank screen

Here is my steps which results to blank screen in my iOS emulator (no any error message):

  1. Remove a platform (because I changed my app id but all the id in my plugin is not correct) by

cordova plugin remove plugin-name
ionic platform remove ios

  1. Add the platform again

ionic platform add ios
cordova plugin add plugin-name

  1. Then I run:

ionic emulate ios -l -c

But the emulate become blank and without any error message. One thing is very strange. Because I remove/add the platform. The emulator is iOS 6 emulator. But remove/add platform, it becomes iOS 6 plus emulator.

I encountered the same issue a lot of times in different projects already. The solution is recreate the project:

ionic start project-name blank

And add all my source code back to the project. It’s very troublesome. I’m wondering if anybody knows what the reason is.

Any idea? Thanks.