Release on google play with crosswalk

I know that is not an issue of purely ionic, but this could help many of us are preparing to publish your application on the play store.

I created two apk with crosswalk, one for x86 and one for arm.
So everything is right, I compiled both versions with the same certificate and entered a versionCode different.
The apk for arm went smoothly, while the version for x86 does not charge me, indeed seeks to replace the version for arm!
The documentation mentions that I have to use the different filters, including the one for different architecture

CPU Architecture (ABI)
By including native libraries built with the Android NDK That target a specific CPU architecture (ARM EABI v7 or x86, for example)

I didn’t understand what I have to do …

Please help me, I can not really understand what I have to do to enter the multiple apk for my application.


you have to build the two files with different version code.