Deploy Android App - x86, armv7 or both?

Hello everybody,

I’ve just follow the instruction found here

but I find that I have 2 different release version. One is for x86 and the other is armv7.
I decide to test the x86 following the process and uploaded as a beta test on my Google Play.
Then i’ve just tried to install the app on my android, but there is the message
Your device is not compatible with this version
I think that probably I have to use the armv7, because my mobile is new, but then? what about all the old mobile?
What should I do? upload both? how to say to google play to serve the right one to the user?

thanks in advanced for support!

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x86 is for intel based cpu, armv7 instead is for the most common cpu used by devices, and about your question you can however publish both apks on the playstore, then the right apk will be outputed to the end user

Hello BojDom, and thanks for answer.
How do I upload both? I mean do I have to do something to tell Google that this is the same app, same version etc… Do I have to make two different upload, or is there a way to say “hey Google, this is the x86 and this is the armv7”…


I have just created the apk version of armv7, but at the end of the upload the console returns that the version of my app must be more than 100004. This confuses me :frowning:

@somtam It’s because you uploaded an apk already with the same version number. You have to go to your config.xml or AndroidManifest and increment your version number. (ex. 1.0.4 -> 1.0.5). And to upload multiple apk’s, go to the apk upload page and change to ‘Advanced Mode’.

hello joonhl27,
can you please give more details regard the procedure on the double upload?
i went in the advance mode, but i didn’t figure it out how.

@sontam Switch to Advanced Mode. Click ‘Upload Apk’. Upload your first one(arm or x86). Click ‘Upload Apk’ again and then upload your remaining apk.

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is it possible to merge both apk and release it as a single version???

why the crosswalk is building three different apk’s??
why cant it be one apk which it ll automatically check the phone’s version or architecture and run the supportable things???
any way this can be done…
thanks for your support (Y)…

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Why doesn’t the ionic publishing guide include this scenario?
The publishing documentation seems lacking in a number of areas.

Maybe answer here is useful…

This might help someone