Ionic app & Crosswalk: different versions for x86 and ARM

I’m migrating my existing app to use crosswalk.
I have a doubt: when I run ionic build --release, I have my two .apks (one for x86, one for ARM) then I can “zipalign” them.
But I guess that both of them have the same version, so I won’t be able to upload both to Google Play when it will be finished. Will I have to worry about it, or the Ionic’s build already take care of this?

Crosswalk gives automatically a higher build number to the x86 version.

So the x86 version will be the one to be upload in google play store?

@emsee71 You will upload both of the versions ‘x86’ and ‘armv7’ as they are for different processing architectures running on android. Google play store then installs the correct app dependant on their device.

If you want to build one apk combining the two architecture then check this out on stack overflow

THank you man :smile: