Release Date Near | Panic - Bugs? HELP!

Hi everyone,
Okay sooo… 2 years developing my app is coming.
I have a few things making me freak out.
I understand a bit of angular but not much, I’m a basic HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and MySQL guy.
I’m using $.ajax(); to serve my Ionic v1 to my API.

But, I’ve noticed in my loaded content (per-ajax requests) like $.ajax(); into the $("#div"); I cant use the jQuery $("#div").click(function(){}); because Ionic rejects it.

It’s been a fuss, I only have my delete recent users function (which needs an event to delete per requested users - PHP backend - no Angular App.); what do I do?

I need to allow the user to see a list of profile photos, inlined with usernames and have a delete button on the right. The user’s block (the one with profile photo and usernames) as a link to their profiles.

But, Ionic rejects it and I’m going crazy.
Can someone help me understand how I can possibly handle an Angular controller (Actionsheet or Slide away element option) per PHP loaded content and take out the data and then obliterate it.

Lets say my PHP shows a div and it has an “ng-click=‘myAction()’” it doesn’t get triggered.?

do you get any console errors on ng-click?
Can you share your view and controller code for ng-click

I’m away from my desktop right now, but it results to nothing just the basic Cordova.js isn’t found (cause that’s built in when you build the app) then out of no where when my scripts connect to my PHP Back-end rather the code is correct/short/simple it gives a throw of 500s or 508s it keeps requesting until the console is full of them.

The ngController is like…


The function and everything is correct. Just like when I’m in my PHP backend and load a generated button per request…

User1 - delete_user1
User2 - delete_user2
User3 - delete_user3

Whenever the delete button (generated from th php backend) is clicked (jquery in the HTML page that loads the backend it doesn’t work and gives no errors. If I put the ng-click in the php buttons that are resulted nothing happens. ?

Notice the 500s and 508s still consistently result in the console.

I would suggest creating a small ionic app from start and just execute your ajax call functionality and see whether its working or not.
you have to debug each step after your ajax call, like whether response is coming or you are being redirected to error.
You can also try $http.get which will achieve the same thing.

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Thanks I’ll try it asap and let you know what happens. Thanks again!