Rejected by Google App Store

I recently reached out to google play support and they sent me this message:

Thanks for contacting Google Play Developer Support. I understand you have some questions about the Apache Cordova security vulnerability.

I see that version 39 of your app is currently using the following vulnerable implementation of Apache Cordova:




You’ll need to upgrade your app to use Apache Cordova v.4.1.1 or higher. New apps or updates containing older versions of Apache Cordova will be blocked.

I already updated to the latest version of cordova via npm and upon resubmitting it still got rejected.

Even if you have updated Cordova to latest but project may still have older version. To verify it jsut extract cordova.js file from APK and open it any editor and verify PLATFORM_VERSION_BUILD_LABEL value inside that file.
I have faced the same problem earlier but after updating my project to use latest build of cordova the error has been resolved

thanks for the reply which folder can I find the cordova.js file from the compiled apk?

cordova.js file is located in asset/www/ folder of the compiled APK

I opened the file and cannot find the PLATFORM_VERSION_BUILD_LABEL instead I have CORDOVA_JS_BUILD_LABEL = ‘2.9.1’ how do you update this?

refer following link

or Remove and add platform again

It does not get updated upon generating the apk file.

Try creating a new project and check if it reflecting newer version or not

i think i figured it out I must be using an outdated plugin

Please post your ionic info output. It will show the version you are using.