Android Developer: cordova version in apk is old (before 4) but cordova -v is over 6

Hi, I’m using ionic 1.7.16 and I’ve uploaded a couple of apps in the Android Developer website but a warning was shown (trying to translate it from italian):

Your too use an old version of Apache Cordova that has one or more security vulnerability.

If I type “cordova -v” the actual version is 6.3.0.

Here I’m adding a fix for a problem I had since a couple of seconds ago (that I quite ask as second problem) so this will be indexed by google and could help someone.

If cordova-ios is too old and the terminal says:
Using this version of Cordova with older version of cordova-ios is being deprecated. Consider upgrading to cordova-ios@4.0.0 or newer.
you have to update it:
cordova platform update ios@4.0.0
but now when you try to build it an error is show.
You just have to ionic platform remove ios and then ionic platform add ios so you can ionic build ios without issues :slight_smile:

Hope this could be useful and that someone can help me with my problem, bye (maybe I have just to remove and add again the android platform but I can’t upload tons of apk to the developer console so a right information is the best)