Refresh list after contact search

In my app, I want to show list of contacts. I use the find on the contact plugin but I do not know how to simply refresh the view after getting the result.
Is there a way to refresh the list based on the new content of my list ?

For info, here the view list

 <ion-view title="Title">
  <ion-content class="has-header">
         <ion-item ng-repeat="c in contacts" class="item item-button-right" type="item-text-wrap" >
              {{ }} : {{ }} [{{c.type}}]

And the part of the controller which load the list :

//Create a demo list
$scope.contacts = [ { "contact":'Test', "tel":'lala', "type":"work" } ];

var o = new ContactFindOptions();
o.filter = "";
o.multiple = true;

      [navigator.contacts.fieldType.displayName,], // fields
      function(col) {
          angular.forEach(col, function(c) {
           angular.forEach(c.phoneNumbers, function(p) {
                     { "contact": c.displayName, "tel": p.value, "type": p.type }
             }; // /angular.ForEach 
          }); // /angulare.ForEach

      function(e) { alert(e); }, // error


I find that I can use a refresher and broadcast refreshComplete but is there a way to avoid it … I do not need the pull refresh.