IONIC refresh content after closing modal

  1. I have a view that list all my contact

  2. I add new contact using IONIC modal

  3. The problem is my view doesnt refresh to show the new list when i close modal, it only shows the new list when I click the contact link.


are you using database to add the contatcts in the list ?

Yes, when i add the contact, I want to see the contact I added immediately after the modal is closed


try to add $loading progress bar till your contact load in the list after successfully add hide the progress bar

$scope.closeModal = function() {

show loading progress bar
var insert_query // make your insert _query here

   hide progress bar


Okay. I will, initially I appended the contacts in the scope

i think the problem is that after closing the modal the list in not retrieved again from the database.
i am facing the same issue now.
how did you solve it ?