Search Feature, Refreshing List nicely?

Hey Guys,

I am using a backemnd service (parse in this case but that doesn’t really matter for this question) and wanted to simply search it. I have a textbox that upon text being entered searches the server and returns an array of matchs.

My next step is to simply display my returned objects nicely in a list. Easy enough with ng-repeat but because the view has already been loaded the UI won’t update to reflect the array being loading into the list. Does that make sense?

I was wondering if there was a technique to Refresh the list and show the returned search elements, and hopefully I am not being to greedy here but doing it in a way that looks good and not clunky.

I did a lot of googling with NO luck :frowning: any advice would be amazing.

Could you show us how the app currently looks? It’s a bit hard to understand what you are exactly trying to reload…